May be in the form of sheet, plate, bar, tubes and any other wrought nickel scrap solids that are at least 99% nickel.

Cupro Nickel
This is a copper/nickel alloy, which may be in the form of tube, pipe, sheet, plate or other wrought solids that are either 70/30, 80/20 or 90/10 alloys.

Nickel Alloys
While there are many types of nickel alloys, some of the most common are Inconel, 330 Stainless Steel, Hastalloy and Monel.

Carbide, or tungsten carbide, is usually found in the form of end mills, inserts or saw tips. It is heavy at about 16 times the weight of water.

Titanium scrap comes in various forms including solids and clippings.