Copper is one of the first metals used by man and is easily identified by its reddish colour and bright metallic luster. It is malleable, ductile and a great conductor of heat and electricity. Most commonly it is recognized in plumbing and electrical applications.

Number 1 Brite Copper
Is copper wire that is at least 16 gauge, has no insulation and no tarnish or coating whatsoever. It should be kept separate from other forms of copper as it is generally bought and sold at a premium.

Number 1 Copper
Copper tubing, tarnished wire of at least 16 gauge or solids that are free of other material such as paint, solder, insulation and attachments.

Number 2 Copper
This grade of copper primarily includes copper tubing that is either oxidized or has paint or solder, copper castings, hair or fine gauge wire and wire that is burnt, tinned, lacquered or shellacked. Insulation and attachments should be removed.

Copper Turnings
Copper turnings are the residual shavings of copper left over as a by-product in the process of manufacturing copper products.