Items We Don’t Accept

The reason some items are not accepted is that we are not set up to handle them in a safe and responsible manner. We can assist in referring you to facilities which can properly handle those items we do not accept.


Includes instruments, switches and measuring devices that contain mercury.

Hazardous or Toxic Waste

As defined by federal, provincial or municipal laws.

Non-Lead Acid Batteries

Magnesium Turnings

Radioactive Sources

Scrap Containing Non-Metallic Recyclables or Excessive Trash

We’d Scrap That

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Cast Iron

Auto Cast

Lead-Acid Batteries



Conditional Items

Although this list is not a comprehensive one, it provides some guidelines to frequently asked questions regarding certain items we accept with conditions. If you have an item that does not appear on this list, our staff are available to answer your questions and to discuss any concerns you might have.

Ballasts & Capacitors

If labeled ‘No PCBs’ or if documentation supports acceptable levels.


Lead or gel acid batteries including automobile batteries stationary batteries and steel clad forklift batteries.

Barrels & Drums

Must be clean and dry, bear no hazardous warning labels, contain no residue and tops must be removed for inspection.

Cylinders/Tanks for Compressed/Liquified Gases

Valves must be removed and cylinders and tanks cut in half.

Lighting Fixtures

Ballasts, capacitors & bulbs must be removed.

Scrap Containing Asbestos

Asbestos must be removed in compliance with applicable regulations.

Scrap Containing Fluids

Fluids, including cutting oils, fuels, coolants, antifreeze, hydraulic oils, and solvents, must be drained prior to delivery.

Shells & Munitions

Must be separated from other material and fully spent.


Must have fluids drained and mercury switches removed


Must be either dry or drained and properly documented.